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Car Decals

Why in the world would you want to use a car decal? There are a number of reasons. First how many people on the road are driving the same car you are? I know that I find it very funny to pull into the parking lot of a grocery store and see three or four of the same cars parked next to each other. Using a car decal can help your car stand out to you. I know that I have made the mistake of trying to get into the wrong car, so I have put little car stickers on the dashboard of my car.

Car decals are also used a lot by race car drivers. Watch any NASCAR race and all that you are inundated with is fast cars plastered with vinyl car decals. This brings up and interesting point about car decals that businesses should keep in mind. Car decals help to advertise your business. They give you mobile advertising. You are not reliant upon people that walk by your place of business and see a sign. Car decals put your company out there.

You have seen this idea used everyday and you probably don’t realize it. When you see a company car driving around town with the company logo or phone number or catchy phrase what you are looking at are car vinyl decals that are being used to advertise and promote a service or a company.

When you think about all the time you spend in your car driving around, stuck in traffic you are looking at prime advertising that is going unused. If your company does not have company cars or you do not want to put decals on your personal car, consider having smaller decals with just your logo and phone number made and handing them out. People love custom stickers for some reason, and if the decal is flashy or original and cool looking it is going to be picked up.

When you are looking at using car sticker decals you need to know that there are basically two different types that can be used. One type of car decal simply clings to your car. If you use these types of decals to remove them you will need a heat gun. They other type of car decal sticks to the car with magnetic strips and they can go on and off the car whenever it is needed.

In most cases the cling type of vinyl car decal is placed on a window and the magnetic decals are placed on the body of the car. You get to decide which type of decal you want to use based on your needs. Oddly enough more businesses have noticed an increase in sales when they use the cling type of car decal. 

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