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Vinyl lettering is a product mainly used for business signage, vinyl boat lettering and automotive. This was the case some years ago. Today, the scenario has changed. Vinyl lettering has recently appeared into time light for interior decorating. The credit goes to its’ versatility. The product provides several options for people who wants to come up with unique and personalized home décor options that are simple and affordable.

You can find Vinyl lettering in various forms. Here are some of the most famous categories of Vinyl lettering:

Vinyl wall lettering:

It is an amazing alternative to the painted stenciling that involves a good amount of messiness. You can easily obtain a professional stenciled look and then customize it according to your desires. You need to opt for the size, color and font of the vinyl lettering. Thereafter, you can get it custom made from a manufacturer online. The last step is to apply it to the wall. Here, you don’t require to get involved in a messy clean up or tiring moments in order to fix the wall or clean the carpet stained with paint. The best part is that vinyl wall lettering is completely removable. You can easily remove it without damaging your painted walls. Vinyl lettering is more affordable as compared to paint. Here you need to make a comparison with respect to your clean up tools, time and brushes.

Home décor signs:

You can apply Vinyl lettering to wooden boards in order to create beautiful and rustic signs. Usually the signboards features a family name that comes with a different color overlay in conjunction with the couple’s wedding date, birthdays, anniversaries etc. You can easily create a sign. All you require to do is to paint the board with a color you like. Thereafter, you can order the Vinyl Window lettering in a contrasting color that you like. As soon as the sign dries up, you can apply the vinyl lettering to obtain an eye-catching and absolutely professional look. The hand-painted look appears awesome. You also visit some online retailers in this regard and buys kits that contain wooden boards and lettering in a single package. The important fact to note is that you are absolutely in control of the end product as you are opting for the fonts, sizes and colors.

Decorative tiles:

One of the most beautiful items in Italian range is the Italian ceramic tile. This tile can look exceptionally beautiful if you add some adhesive vinyl lettering to it. You can take a twelve inches ceramic tile that’s available at any of the home improvement stores and add it to a decorative tile from the Vinyl lettering kit. As soon as you do this, you can get a beautiful personalized home décor piece to match your home décor scheme. All you require to do is to apply the Vinyl lettering to the tile and then apply a light clear coat in order to seal it. The end result is a great home décor accessory. 

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